• Vertical Integration



Hand Seven places great importance on sourcing high-quality yarn materials to produce superior fabrics and garments. We prioritize yarn strength, uniformity, and durability. Simultaneously, we evaluate suppliers for their delivery speed, integrity, cooperation, and pricing, to establish long-term, reliable partnerships.



Hand Seven operates its own short and long fiber knitting factories, with a total of 200 circular knitting machines. This empowers us to fully develop and produce a wide variety of fabrics, allowing us to achieve a daily output capacity of 60,000 kilograms. We specialize in meeting the dynamic demands of the fashion market, consistently delivering high-quality products by utilizing the latest textile techniques and innovative design.


Dyeing & Finishing

In 2022, Hand Seven established a dyeing mill in Vietnam, emphasizing full automation and environmental sustainability. Equipped with advanced circular dyeing machines, the facility can produce up to 40,000 kilograms of fabric daily. It also features finishing facilities and all-over printing machinery, expanding our fabric product variety. Together with Hand Seven’s knitting and garment factories, we offer customers a seamless one-stop vertical integration service.



Hand Seven operates garment factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, specializing in knitting sportswear production with a growing focus on woven styles in recent year. Our multiple locations setup allow for flexible resource allocation and efficient production planning, ensuring high-quality products at competitive prices. We continually invest in advanced equipment and technology, such as automated hanger system production lines and automated sewing equipment, to meet diverse customer needs. Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with internationally recognized fashion brands.

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